Free Guitar Software

There are *tons* of free guitar software programs available online.  For people who know me, I usually shun away from most free guitar software.


Well, viruses, spyware, malware, adware, computer crashes, computer slowdowns, and computer hijacking (just to name a few).

Now of course, there are some good free guitar programs available online.  In fact, you can get one from our site just by subscribing to our newletter (the sign up form is on the left).

Once you join our newsletter, you instantly get emailed a download link for the Advanced FretPro guitar software that our partner created.  This 100% free software is pretty darn cool, if I say so myself :)

What is it it exactly? Glad you asked.  Inside the software, you’ll find a massive chord and scale library showing you *exactly* how to play chords and scales on a real guitar neck instead of from a chord or scale diagram.  The notes are shown too, not just the positions.

The software allows you to learn the whole fretboard so that you can know how to play any chord, in any position, anywhere on the neck of the guitar. Knowing the whole fretboard also opens you up to better opportunities to jam with CDs and other musicians, since you’ll know where all the notes are.

Our free guitar software is a great supplement to guitar courses like Learn and Master Guitar or Jamplay.  Combining these programs together will allow you to learn the guitar at your own pace, and often at a better pace than if you were taking lessons with an expensive private instructor.

Here is what one user said:

This program does exactly what it says “on the tin” – it helps you learn the guitar fretboard by making it a game. Its free and I like it a lot. I use it every day for 10 minutes and my note knowledge has come a long way.
-taken from user carteblancheband at

So why waste time? Sign up on the left today and get the software instantly!

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