Beginner Guitar DVD – Choosing the Best Program

Even if you have never picked up a guitar in your life, you can learn to play like a professional with practice, time, and of course, the right beginner guitar DVD. The key to success is choosing the best program, the beginner guitar DVD that will work with the way you learn. The good news is that you have quite a selection. With the interest in learning to play guitar on the rise, more and more quality programs have been developed.
While many beginner guitar DVD programs are excellent, some are simply not worth the price. Therefore, we wanted to provide you with some tips for choosing the best program. First, the DVD needs to be made professionally. This means choosing a program taught by someone with experience in teaching guitar but also a company that produces high quality resolution and sound. Otherwise, you could end up with a beginner guitar DVD that skis around, is blurry, and just poor quality, which can be frustrating for the person doing the viewing.
Second, make sure you choose a true beginner guitar DVD. Sometimes, you will find companies that sell products that say they are for the beginner but as soon as you begin watching, you realize many of the important basics have been passed over. Additionally, while choosing a DVD that combines lessons for the beginner and intermediate player is usually a cost-savings solution, the DVD needs to provide enough information for the beginner rather than just touching on a few of the basics and then moving into intermediate play.
We also suggest you choose a DVD course that teaches the type of music you want to play. Sure, you could choose something that covers a variety of music, which is nice in giving you a glimpse of other styles, but it may not be what you ultimately want. For this reason, if you want to learn classical guitar, choose a beginner guitar DVD that teaches classical guitar music or if you want to play heavy metal, a DVD that focuses on heavy metal music.
Although not necessary, a beginner guitar DVD that offers jam tracks is a huge benefit in that you have the chance to play along with a pro. Obviously, as you gain more and more experience, you can take the music taught and expound it to create your own style. Then, a beginner guitar DVD that has the capability for the guitar lead to be tuned out is also helpful. With this, you could play the lead yourself, backed by other musicians.
Our final tip for choosing the best beginner guitar DVD is to choose one that has a variety of lessons but at a beginner’s level. For instance, you want a DVD that covers finger positioning, body position, and holding the guitar properly, as well as chords, strumming, tablature, sliding, and bending. If you go with a DVD that has a variety of techniques that is great but just be sure that they match your current playing level.
(We recommend the Learn and Master Guitar DVD set for beginners as well as more advanced guitar players)

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